Our watermen, go the extra mile to ensure that they bring in the best possible pristine crabs and shellfish from the Chesapeake Bay —a standard that is maintained by Crab Pot Depot’s, Crab Shares. 

 Our goal together is to integrate communities throughout every step of the process in an effort to reconnect our Bay community to its food system, and to educate consumers about the Maryland watermen who have worked tirelessly to bring the freshest seafood directly to your plate that you are now enjoying.

 Their commitment to one of America’s most treasured natural resources earns them a measure of respect throughout the Chesapeake region. Generations of independent watermen have found a home on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, called watermen regionally, they share a love of the estuary and of making a living by harvesting blue crabs, fin-fish, and oysters.

 Our watermen know that the Chesapeake Bay is more than a body of water, more than America's largest estuary. For those who live near its shores, the Chesapeake Bay provides a powerful sense of local identity. In the warm months, it is a home for work boats stacked with crab pots or equipped with coiled trot-lines looking to catch blue crabs. 

                    These videos give a glimpse at the lives of those who have made a living fishing the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. COMING SOON!