About US

Crab Pot Depot is founded on the basic principle of providing our customer’s with
Maryland’s freshest blue crabs along with other local seafood at reasonable prices. We want
to bring back an aged tradition of Maryland by simply offering the best blue crab shellfish in
the world. We also wish to offer or customer’s a new way through our member’s shares
program to receive monthly shipments right from our local docks to your front door. As a
local Maryland family and growing up in the world’s crab capital we think we have the
advantage point to provide the best premium blue crabs to our customer’s. Striving every
day is our gold to cherish our roots and traditions. We promise to provide absolute the best
Maryland blue crabs that nature allows. Our family has decades of experience in the crab
seafood industry with a professional staff in steaming crabs and processing other variety’s
to perfection.
Our Team