Fresh fish

Fresh Fish

Fresh Chesapeake Bay Fish

Looking for a seafood option with excellent flavor? try our Rockfish fillets. Rockfish are known for firm dusky colored meat. Rockfish fillets complement a variety of side dishes. Easy cooking and a great price when you buy from our online fresh market. 

Orders for fresh fish must be placed at least 2 days before the order is scheduled for shipment.


    Product Title Regular Now type Quantity


    Rockfish Rockfish is a boldly flavored fish with big flakes of luscious white meat....
    $109.99 $89.99
    $79.99 $60.99

    Bay Trout

    Bay Trout Two of the best-tasting fish that swims in the Chesapeake Bay is the...
    $78.99 $71.09

    Black Bass

    Black Bass Black Bass is a firm, moderately flavored fish with a delicate but distinct...
    $149.99 $74.95


    Flounder  Flounder, is a light flaky white fish.Our flounders come in boneless, 3-5 oz...
    $118.99 $107.09

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