Delicious Chesapeake Bay Soft Crabs

The thing that makes our soft crabs so special is, for starters, it’s the official state sandwich of Maryland! It’s also one of those foods that can’t be found year-round (making it all the more irresistible). When you order Maryland soft shell crabs online from us, you will receive a Chesapeake Bay treasure. That sweet, buttery flavor you won’t find in other types of crabs or in blue crabs from other waters.

It all starts by placing Maryland blue crabs in special tanks so that the crabs shed their hard shell, leaving a soft, tender body. When the crabs reach this point, we remove them from the tanks and then we clean, dress, package, and then ship your soft crabs to ensure maximum freshness.

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    Whales 5½ in. and up
    $72.99 $67.45
    $132.99 $123.75
    $225.99 $213.95


    Jumbos 5 - 5½ in.
    $64.99 $56.95
    $119.99 $105.95
    $210.95 $190.95


    Primes 4½ - 5 in.
    $52.75 $42.99
    $90.25 $78.75
    $178.99 $158.95


    Hotels 4 - 4½ in.
    $47.99 $38.99
    $78.99 $72.99
    $137.99 $128.99

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