Fresh Maryland Crab Meat

A taste of the Chesapeake right in your home. Our crab meat is handpicked and packaged fresh right here in the home of the world's crab capital. Each container comes freshly packaged to lock-in flavor and freshness. We offer fresh back-fin lump, jumbo lump, claw meat, and cocktail crab claws.

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Maryland Jumbo Lump

Maryland Jumbo Lump  Jumbo Lump crab meat, from the meatiest part of the crab.
$54.17 $58.95
$148.99 $173.95
$234.99 $290.75

Maryland Backfin

Maryland Backfin
Hand picked from the Blue Crab,
caught in the Chesapeake Bay
$54.95 $49.95
$159.99 $146.95
$269.95 $239.95

Maryland Claw

Maryland Claw Lump claw meat tends to be far less expensive and still creates a tasty crab cake
$31.99 $28.79
$83.99 $82.59
$118.99 $137.09

Maryland Claw Cocktail

Maryland Claw Cocktail

Cocktail Claw is a must for the holidays. These Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab...

$38.99 $35.09
$104.99 $94.49
$178.99 $161.09
$74.95 $64.95

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