Why Join


Our crabs and shellfish in our shares program are wild-caught on the East Coast of Maryland, by a group of equally wild and wise (though extremely nice) watermen. Your monthly shares of crabs are guaranteed to be our Maryland Chesapeake Bay blue crabs. Pristine crab from one of the most pristine places in the entire world!

Community Watermen

Most of the world’s crabs are caught by watermen boats that crab in waters distant from their home ports. Our Maryland families live in the communities where they crab, investing in the use of the resource over the long term.

Thoughtful Handling

Our Watermen fish each crab pot daily returning to our dock with live Maryland hard crabs. Back on shore we have the most careful and thoughtful handling in the industry, ensuring that the highest­-quality share of your crabs are delivered to your doorstep.

Depth of Flavor

Thanks to our 4 distinctive seasons, Maryland blue crabs have to hibernate over the winter which allows them to build up fat reserves. These fat reserves, also known as the “mustard,” gives their meat a delicious depth of flavor that you simply won’t find in any other crab type.

Simple Process

You reserve your share of the harvest, our watermen catch your share on the day it's scheduled for shipment and we next day air your crab share right to your door. We home­-deliver your crab share in our local area by one of our Crab Pot Depot stewards. We also send you recipes, host member events, and share cooking tips. Eating healthy from the Chesapeake Bay couldn’t be more simple!

Your Chesapeake Connection

Our goal is to give our share members a memorable and delicious culinary experience with one of Maryland’s renowned delicacies, while calling Crab Pot Depot-online your home for that Chesapeake connection.